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Pfizer Healthcare Hub

Pfizer Healthcare Hub: New Zealand and Australia

Working together with health tech start-ups to develop and implement transformational innovation to create solutions to real problems that improve patient health outcomes.

As a global leader in healthcare, Pfizer is committed to use our knowledge, skills and resources to collaborate with others to transform people’s lives around the world.

Today, patients, healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical sector also have access to more medicines, knowledge and technology than ever before an, here in New Zealand, we believe we have an opportunity to be a major contributor in applying technology to improve health and wellbeing of patients.

We’ve set up a new initiative, The Pfizer Healthcare Hub, to work together with selected companies innovating in the health tech space. Based in Sydney, the hub is designed to enable start-ups to reach more patients and healthcare providers faster, by giving access to Pfizer’s network and resources to support their growth and enable them to realise their potential. Start-ups selected to join the Hub will be able to learn, experiment and collaborate with Pfizer - accessing mentoring and know-how in areas such as market orientation, infrastructure, compliance, government relations.

Changing the face of healthcare

As healthcare, and the way we engage with it, is rapidly evolving many new and exciting possibilities are opening up. Whether it be using Apps, wearables, telemedicine, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, big data and gamification – each of these offer potential to improve health outcomes.

A partnership in the future

Pfizer Healthcare Hub has been set up to support start-up communities, enabling them to take full advantage of the rapidly advancing technological opportunities.

We are looking to partner with innovators who demonstrate clear potential to make a big difference to individuals, patient groups or health systems in three key areas: 

Disease awareness and information
Facilitating health literacy and access to information for both clinicians and patients.

Earlier detection and more accurate diagnosis
Improving clinicians’ access to devices or information to enable earlier, more accurate diagnosis.

Compliance and adherence
Providing tools and solutions that enable or encourage patient adherence to medication regimens to optimise treatment, and likely health outcomes.